(Prices listed are already discounted)

Due to corona virus and the situation our game studio is in we are offering our services at extremely good prices. It pains us to say this but we are on the brink and not able to utilize government supports due to multiple aspects of us being a game developer focusing on our own products and having self funded our game development for 4+ years.

Now we are in a dire need of work to keep the lights on and keep this dream alive.

10% of all our service profits go direcly to support Digi and Game Center #SaveDGC. The amazing game community hub run by ExpaJKL in Jyväskylä, Finland that we also call the home of Clusterloop's small office.

GAME PROTOTYPE     |     750 € + TAX

We will build you a simple core gameplay prototype in 2-5 days for you to test and validate your idea for a games coreloop using simple assets. We will Zoom call with you about your idea and get to work.

GAME CONCEPT     |     250 € + TAX

We will have a Zoom call with you about your idea and use our expertise to build you a game concept out of it. This will help you get to the prototype phase and help guide you towards a full game product.

WEBSITE     |     500 € +TAX

We can build you a fast website with one year hosting and domain in 2-5 days. You will have to pay for hosting and domain separately. We have a service provider that we use and trust that we highly recommend.

SERVICE VOUCHER    |     1000 € +TAX

Due to corona we are offering a special service voucher that you can choose to use now or later. As a special showcase for our gratitude we will double the value of this voucher. 2000 € worth of services.

- Example 1:  game concept 2x + prototype 2x
- Example 2:  game concept + 2 prototypes + refining update

SERVICE VOUCHER    |     2500 € +TAX

Same deal as the other voucher we will double your value. Ask for more details about our full game development services and what opportunities we have for you to use this voucher worth 5000 €

Service vouchers are non-refundable and a special offer only because of corona virus situation for us to survice over the crisis. Voucher needs to be used before the end of 2020, meaning you have to contact us to chat about your order so we can schedule it with our productions.

Matarankatu 2, 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland