Clusterloop was established in 2016 by a group of gaming entrepeneurs who all had unique skills that would form the backbone of a new game studio. Since them we have worked daily to become better at what we do and to find our place in the gaming ecosystem. In 2019 we finally formed a clear vision and created a solid production pipeline to bring Clusterloop out of its shell. Now we are doing everything we can to archieve those goals and give the world amazing arcade inspired games that will redefine the next decade.

Our journey is just beginning and we cant wait to share the ride with you all.



For us this means games that bring the spirit of arcade like gaming into mobile. Replayable core loops with highscoring and social competition at its core. We aim to create experiences that are based on these key aspect of arcade gaming while bringing them to mobile in various styles fitting our company image.


Games that grow with the audience. Are made for the players looking for something more than just the endless sea of copycat f2p mobile games. We take inspiration from the old days of gaming. Translating the best ideas into the modern age with a twist so they can be enjoyed for decades to come.

Matarankatu 2, 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland